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Reach One Recovery Wrote A Children's Book!!!

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This rhyming bedtime story teaches an underlying message of strength and resilience despite whatever challenges a child may be going through. It also promotes inclusivity, self esteem building and best of all A GREAT NIGHT'S SLEEP!

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The primary reason for writing this book was to help develop narcissistic abuse resilience in children. Sara is the character utilized to target these issues. When it says "Days which will be pretty rough" it's describing the abuse she will face. Each pebble in the illustration representing a specific abuse (Physical, Emotional, Verbal & Sexual). The message portrayed to the child is that they have the strength to overcome it all.

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We offer a Coloring & Activity Book so you can immerse yourself in the story by adding your unique colors, then enjoy family fun activities with the characters in the story. This 58 page book includes challenges like mazes, games, word find, riddles, spot the difference and more. Solutions are also included at the back for an extra helping hand.

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